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What is diaper rash?

What is Diaper Rash

Diaper rash and what causes it

Diaper rash is one of the most common dermatologic conditions in the United States and the most common skin disorder of early childhood. If your baby develops a diaper rash, don’t feel that you are alone. Most children experience a diaper rash sometime during the first three years of life. It is most commonly seen in babies at 6-8 months of age.

The primary cause of diaper rash is prolonged and increased exposure to wetness/moisture to the skin. Other contributing factors are:

  • The closed environment created by the diaper, which increases warmth and moisture
  • Chafing from friction or rubbing against diapers or in skin folds
  • Prolonged contact of the skin with urine, feces or both

  • Pinkness or redness 
  • Dry raised bumps (papules)
  • Fluid-filled raised bumps (pustules)
  • Dryness or peeling/scaling of the skin
  • Edema, or swelling
  • Affected areas may be warm to the touch
Treating Diaper Rash

Three important steps can help bring diaper rash under control.